Press Release – March 2021

Design Matters: 

Loulou Paterson on achieving the most out of an interior space.

Loulou Paterson knows interiors. Renowned for her exquisite joinery, organic textures and elegant modern-classic aesthetic, Loulou’s creative custom design has transformed spaces from Hamilton Island, through Sydney, Melbourne, the Surf Coast, Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and a number of country houses in between. 

For three decades she has applied her vast industry skills and experience across residential, commercial and civic projects. In her early career, she gained initial experience working with a young, energetic architectural firm and then iconic brand leader Cato Design (now Cato Brand Partners) to oversee the refurbishment of Qantas aircraft interiors and club lounges world-wide, along with the built environments of many other major corporate brand regenerations. She later spent time applying her aesthetic forte to homewares product development at Country Road.

But a yearning to spend more time focusing on her true passion – working one-on-one with clients to help them create their ideal living environment – has seen this talented designer refresh her business approach. Through the launch of loup., her tailored interior design service, Loulou is creating spaces that perfectly captures her clients’ own aspirations, thanks to her intelligent considered design and expert industry knowledge. 

It’s an interior design experience that merges Loulou’s proficiency and honed communication skills in working with builders, architects, tradespeople, vendors and artisans, and her expertise in creating, managing and executing projects in meticulous detail.

For Loulou’s clients, it offers the opportunity to capitalise on her serious industry nous, and makes achieving their dream interiors a reality.

“I’m passionate about beautiful design across all aspects of life – inspired by the natural world, human creativity and innovation,” Loulou says.

“In today’s digitally-curated, image-driven world, my mantra is to keep it simple. Our homes are for living and in reality, they can be chaotic and busy. My aim is to create natural aesthetic and physical order in every families’ daily life through their living spaces but also reflect their story, their soul, their aspirations be it rustic country, modern minimalist or everything in between.  

“I try to let trends fall away and allow the organic narrative to emerge. I design for longevity, for eternal style.”

Refining interior spatial planning and joinery design is at the core of every loup. project in conjunction with the selection and scheduling of colours and materials, plumbing fixtures, accessories, appliances, window treatments and furnishing styling.

The loup. experience involves an initial consultation between Loulou and her client to develop a brief and establish the philosophy and design consideration of the project. Loulou enthusiastically oversees the entire process, from concept development and presentation of imagery and samples, through to design development, ongoing client, contractor, consultant and supplier liaison and regular site visitation.

Every project is carried out with the client’s vision front of mind and provides the opportunity to achieve the sort of aspirational interiors seen in magazines and across social media but always with the critical element of practical functionality and reflecting the clients own design preferences.

“I ensure the experience for my clients is stress-free, inspiring and, most of all, rewarding,” Loulou says. “You are not just paying me for the privilege of designing your home or office, you are making a wise investment.”

Based on Victoria’s Surf Coast, Loulou is available for interior design consultation for projects Australia-wide.

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