My aim is to always provide tailored interior design services customised to reflect your personal aspirations or brand. When we meet, we will develop a brief and establish the philosophy and design considerations. The first objective is to ensure your creative aspirations are mutually understood and deliverable.


Once we have a signed agreement, I will get to work, following these core design stages as outlined in my fee proposal something like this:

Presentation of loose material samples and digital images conveying the design concepts, theme, style and philosophy to reflect the client’s aspirations or brand.

If required, adjustments can be made to the STAGE 1 concepts and re-presented. This ensures your brief is fully understood by all parties. 

FF & E selections, colour board and scheduling.

FF & E is the common acronym for fixed Fixtures, Finishes and Equipment (or appliances). This includes some or all the following – paint colours, wall papers, ceramic tiles, stone tiles and claddings/benchtops, carpets, timbers, veneers, laminates, appliances, plumbing fittings, bathroom accessories, light fittings* and cabinet/door hardware. 

Schedules are detailed lists of all FF&E citing the model/colour/size, supplier and installation placement. These schedules are issued to the builder or nominated agent for procurement. 

*Lighting and electrical plans are often documented by the architect, builder or electrician. However, can provide this service if required. At the very least, I can provide a review of electrical and lighting design to ensure you have all your services and lighting needs covered.

Detailed, 1:20 scaled plans and elevations of interior features, joinery design, tile layouts and fixture and appliance placement.

Design/selections, procurement and installation.*

*Furnishings are subject to a slightly different fee structure due to the trade pricing and margins applied to these goods. This will be explained in further detail should these services be required. 

Ongoing client, contractor, consultant and supplier liaison and regular site visitation. This also extends to suppliers/consultants involved with audio visual systems, security systems and digital communications. 

Depending on the project scope, these stages sometimes run concurrently or in a different order than described here. Of course, there are some exclusions and conditions but I will ensure these are outlined in my initial proposal so you are informed about what is and isn’t included. 


If you are considering engaging my services, it goes without saying you desire a beautiful interior – one that looks like the lovely images you see in magazines and Instagram.  These interiors do not magically happen, they are the result of professional design, styling and photography. You are not just paying me for the privilege of designing your home or office, you are making a wise investment.  Here’s why:

I enjoy immensely, working with architects, building designers and all professional consultants involved in the design of your project.  Our early collaboration to refine the floor plan, preferably before submission to council, ensures the best possible use of space to optimize storage opportunities, traffic flow, visual flow, amenities placement and proportion and critically, furniture placement.

For the average renovation or new build, there are literally hundreds of fixtures, fittings, appliances, materials and colours to be selected, scheduled and procured. This can be overwhelming and confusing. I have developed relationships with many vendors and developed systems to take you through this process with confidence and within your budget. 

Quality designer interiors do not happen without professional expertise. There is no substitute to well-designed functionality, proportion and visual appeal – in our industry we call it ‘detail’.  My technical drawings are set to 1:20 scale with little or no room for error. How a bench edge is finished, roller blinds are concealed, tiles laid out or a vanity unit is organised, can mean all the difference between the ‘off the shelf’ look or the ‘designer’ look.

There is no question a well-presented interior will add value to your property. Whether your personal taste is contemporary or traditional, my design philosophy is to design with timeless simplicity so that even after many years, your spaces will inspire potential buyers.

My documentation will provide your builder with very clear instructions on how, what and where but this is just a part of the procedure. Through the construction process, there are inevitable issues that require resolution, particularly on renovations of older buildings. Frequent site meetings and liaison with the entire project team and suppliers can detect and rectify issues before they arise but when they do arise, they almost always require a design solution. 

Professional fees are structured in one of four methods depending on your project scope:

  • Hourly rate* – generally for small projects 
  • Staged fixed fees – usually for residential renovations and new constructions.
  • Percentage of project cost – usually for medium to large commercial projects
  • Rate per square metre – usually for large commercial projects

*Hourly rates also often apply within other fee methods on some stages where a concise brief cannot be established. 

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Benjamin Franklin